July 11, 2010

But because of this, I understood the importance of time.

Quoting someone else's words that have been said to me,

" Kau nie, macam2 sakit kau ada eh. dari dulu sampai skrg, bukan main byk lagi sakit kau. menyusahkan. "

If someone had said that to you, in what way do u think would u have responded?

It startled me eventho it wasnt the first time I've heard it from someone,

but later after that, then only I realised, It's me that is lucky for being sick.

You on the other hand, shouldnt have said that to me ..

If only u remembered that 'sickness' is what expiates our sins in our daily life.

If only u had known better, Im sure u wouldnt have said those hurtful words to me.

But, it's okay i guess ..

To me, what other people think or say about me doesnt really matter that much,

as long as I know the things that Im doing are right.

At the end of the day, I know that my family are the ones that will never leave me, and myfriends will still remain as friends. always there to support me ;)

my safest places :) <3

my only kakak & abang.

My closest, best cousins.

thru thick & thins :)

'a memorable day ; after watching 3D toy story at city stars, cairo'

My Beloved X-Housemates.

July 10, 2010

New departments have been chosen for summer attachment :)

1) General Surgery
2) General Medicine
3) Peadeatric Medicine

Cant wait :)

July 09, 2010

Turns out it's not just food that Ive been craving.

Where to find this is Zagazig ?

The one that's strictly for women only ? :(

July 08, 2010

An Honest Answer Can Get You Into A Lot Of Trouble Can it?

~In the name of Allah.

When you confess to somebody that you like her, and when that feeling is not responded the way u want them to, the best thing you should do is to back off (with no grudge in your heart). Sometimes, you hope for somebody too much but u get nothing in return, and yet u blame the girl. Who gives you d right to blame? Verily, hanya Allah lah yang membolak balikkan hati manusia nie. Sometimes I make sudden decisions that even I myself cant explain. But I assure that there's a reason for all of my doings. What has happened in the past, is the past, and that made me the way I am today. I shall not dwell. Just bare in your mind that life's a journey :) and bunga bukan sekuntum kumbang bukan seekor. Move on well :)

Things can very much turn out well when u least expect them to be ;)


July 06, 2010

Would you be my Romeo?

Ecece. Jiwang x title entry saya? Hahaha.

Sha, Intan, Naemah, this is the entry that u guys have been waiting for kan? Trust me, it took me a lot longer than i thought it would for me to fill up this list! Here they are ...


1) Someone that cares about Islam. Doesnt necessarily have to be an ustaz or what so ever, just Someone that is willing to learn about d religion, so that nnt boleh bimbing saya jadi isteri solehah :)

2) Pandai bagi nasihat, dorongan & semangat. In his own, gentle way of course. wahah. komain.

3) Faham kerjaya saya sebagai seorang doctor. I might be busy but I love my job, so please dont let me waste my medical degree.

4) He does not need to have a professional course as his career. As long as he can tampung me financially, it's fine by me. Im not that choosy. but dare to say, Pilots are not on my list. Sorry :)

5) Im a cat lover, so he better be okay with it.

6) A non fickle minded person. ( google kalau x faham. ) Stick to one would u?

7) Someone Cool. Calm with his emotions. cewah. When a girl goes 'gelabah' it's still acceptable. but when a man does it, for me it's a big NO-no.

8) Can eat spicy food. My mum is from negeri 9 and trust me Ive been trained to eat cili api with kicap just like that. It would be nice to have somebody with d same interest :p , Haha.

9) Somebody that's Not panas baran. Its too much for me to handle and makes me scared also.

Alryte 5 more to go =P

10) Protective. over his parents, his wife, kids, family. Who wouldnt want this type of guy ryte?

11) Can Swim, bcs thats what I do during my spare time. & plus, Can eat Japanese food.

12) Saya nie actually vely d manja one jadi boleh x kalau nak orang yg pandai pujuk n xnak orang yang cepat meluat? HAHAHA. ( Penting sbnrnya nie xP )

13) Not somebody that lives in Kedah, Perlis, Sabah & Sarawak. Actually I dont really mind, but I live in KL so nearer is always more preferrable.

14) I dont like men that are too shy when they're in front of other people. Have some confidence in yrself dude. Oh & too much sarcasm also will very much annoy me.

15) On top of it all, Kesabaran. A man with patience is A true man. Without this do u think u'll be able to pull off the long years of marriage? Didnt think so C;

These are just random things that came out of my mind. I hope these honest answers will not get me into trouble!

hehe :P

P/S : Intan and Naemah, Sha ngan aku dah buat. korang bila lagi? cepat!

What's wrong with falling down? As long as Im able to stand up again, Ill be just fine.

If you look up at the sky after falling down, the blue sky is also today stretching limitlessly and smiles at me.. I am grateful. Thank you Allah, Im still alive :)

I wish you were a channel on d radio - So that i could turn u off.

~In the name of Allah.

I bet, many people out there under estimate d power of a migraine. Majority probably just thinks that it is just a standard headache. But for those who are dealing with it, people like me, the pain can be excrutiating and can lasts for hours upon end.

Especially when Im under d bright sunlight and when Im in crowded places, the pain turns into a beautiful dull roar. Sometimes for a second, my vision can turn blurry, & for a minute it makes me lose focus from my work & even d feeling of fainting appears. Wonder y d medicine I bring along with me all d time arent working. Well, the One up there watching must be testing me :]

Perhaps.. seeing a specialist in Malaysia would be d right thing to do?

If you're that hungry, steal someone else's food will you.

Malam tadi saya takda mood nak tido awal Jadi Lepas subuh baru saya tidur. Apa jadi? Mesti la bangun lewat kan. Dalam pukul 11 lebih baru saya terbangun. Ish Ish. Hurmm, X lama lepas tu, perut saya pun berkeroncong tandanya dah lapar la tue. Turn hari tu, roommate saya Ainal kena masak breakfast. Jadi saya tanya la Ainal,

'Ainal masak apa hari ni?'

Ainal pn jawab la. 'Masak maggi jea utk semua org. dah kembang dah tu kut mee dye'.

Dengan happynya saya pun menjawab,

'Ala xpe, perut dah lapa kembang ke kempis ke maggi tu semua pun masuk aje'.

Saya pun pergi le ke arah periuk yang Ainal dah letak atas meja kat lua bilik tue.

Saya ambik mangkuk, sudu, dan saya pun angkat la Penutup Periuk tue.

Cuba teka saya nampak apa?

Bukan tomato, bukan carrot, tapi makhluk yang saya paling geliiiiiiiiii iaitu ?

............ MR. LIPAS. Apa lagi? TERJERIT la saya kan!

'ainaaaaal! ada lipas crawling dalam maggi ainal nieee'.

Ainal pun berlari la ke arah saya dalam keadaan terkejut. Kesiaan ainal ..

Dengan sedihnya maggi tu terpaksa dibuang .. Semua sebab siapa? sebab Mr. Lipas. Nasib baik la ini Mr. Lipas Junior. Bukan bapak lipas. Haiya. Tapi still la lipas kan? Yang penting saya tak termakan lipas tue. Trauma nye saya ok. Haha.

Moral of d story, lepas masak mesti tutup periuk rapat2 supaya tak bagi Mr. lipas masuk. Duk Mesir nie kena hati2 hehe. U'll never know whats coming after you x)

July 05, 2010

Losing something of yours does not give you d right to take what's mine.

~In the name of Allah.

When you care too much about a certain person (It doesn't necessarily have to be your significant other), you do everything in your power to make sure they are on no account at fault, to the extent of blaming yourself for everything, and doing what you assume they would want you to do.

But when that certain person bring yr hopes down, you say that Life is Unfair. GOD is unfair. Life is full of Sh*t. I may have wrongly estimated the amount of brain cells u have in there but Dont you atleast have your religion to rely on? If u want to complain, you're welcomed to do so. but think before you say something would u. There are other people in the world going thru bitter experiences too.

'“Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu, padahal ia amatlah baik bagimu. Dan boleh jadi kamu mencintai sesuatu, padahal ia amatlah buruk bagi kamu. Allah Maha mengetahui sedangkan kamu TIDAK.” (al-Baqarah: 216)

This time I was happy to see your tears fall.


I might not know you for long but since we became close i sure do treasure You and our moments :D together with the other 3 girls ;)

Sha, Janji kawan forever ok ? hee.

This is a picture of d cake that we bought for Sha. Haha funny thing is sebelum sempat sha potong kek, buah2 atas kek tu dah dicuri dulu oleh kawan2 birthday girl hehehe. We ended up eating the cake and some watermelon. and Sha, it was fun being able to smudge the cake towards yr face :P haha LOVE U!

July 02, 2010

Life Seems Lifeless,

For now atleast. huhu. Since there's still few more weeks to go before going back to Malaysia, everyday, it's d sameee old routine. Kalau x online, tgk movies, or read my books. I really really love books written by Stephen King, u should try to read them, (well only if yr interested in horror n thriller). Its amazing, how he can imagine different kinds of horror stories without even making d readers bored everytime he publishes a new one. I've already finished reading his book, 'Goes to the movies' i bought at Virgin, Cairo.

I wish that everytime my birthday comes up somebody would give me his novel as a present :P (haha) and I wish I could buy every single book that he has published! heheh but thts not possible at one time is it. hehe.

Another thing Ive accomplished to do, is Ive managed to finish up watching a very nice japanese true story called '1 litre of tears'. I cant help but to share it. U have to watch it. It touched me, sampai berlitre -litre lah air mata saya jatuh. hahaa d; but come to think of it, this drama made me realise a lot of things. How lucky we are, to even grab something, and talk, walk, but what do we do with it? We forget to treasure it. SIGH. Lalainya diri kita nie, diri Aku.

Orang yang sakit tue, menangis-nangis wishing that they could turn back time where they could use their four limbs and mouth. and this movie made me think that we need more neurosurgeons in this world. We need to find a cure for the disease that Aya-chan had. Cerebellar Spinal Degeneration Disease. Such a cruel disease! Kills you slowly, softly. I really hope in the future there will be a cure for diseases related to the nervous system. Moga-moga lah, Ameen :)