July 02, 2010

Life Seems Lifeless,

For now atleast. huhu. Since there's still few more weeks to go before going back to Malaysia, everyday, it's d sameee old routine. Kalau x online, tgk movies, or read my books. I really really love books written by Stephen King, u should try to read them, (well only if yr interested in horror n thriller). Its amazing, how he can imagine different kinds of horror stories without even making d readers bored everytime he publishes a new one. I've already finished reading his book, 'Goes to the movies' i bought at Virgin, Cairo.

I wish that everytime my birthday comes up somebody would give me his novel as a present :P (haha) and I wish I could buy every single book that he has published! heheh but thts not possible at one time is it. hehe.

Another thing Ive accomplished to do, is Ive managed to finish up watching a very nice japanese true story called '1 litre of tears'. I cant help but to share it. U have to watch it. It touched me, sampai berlitre -litre lah air mata saya jatuh. hahaa d; but come to think of it, this drama made me realise a lot of things. How lucky we are, to even grab something, and talk, walk, but what do we do with it? We forget to treasure it. SIGH. Lalainya diri kita nie, diri Aku.

Orang yang sakit tue, menangis-nangis wishing that they could turn back time where they could use their four limbs and mouth. and this movie made me think that we need more neurosurgeons in this world. We need to find a cure for the disease that Aya-chan had. Cerebellar Spinal Degeneration Disease. Such a cruel disease! Kills you slowly, softly. I really hope in the future there will be a cure for diseases related to the nervous system. Moga-moga lah, Ameen :)

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