December 18, 2010

So Nyeo Shi Dae, is that how you pronounce it?

Im not obsessed with you. I just think you ppl are cute and entertaining ;p

Wonder how you people would look like wearing tudung and covering your aurat? how amusing wuld THAT be? haha!

Brains Aren’t Everything. In Fact, In Your Case They’re Nothing

Amazed with these words, I thought it might be good for a little sharing. All thanx to Kak Fatin.

"Kita semua buat silap, kita semua tak ada-lah baik sangat, kadang-kadang kite hipokrit, kadang-kadang, kite menipu bile terdesak, kadang kita cakap sahaja lebih. Itu-lah kita, manusia. Kita selalu tuding jari ke arah orang lain tapi kita tak sedar 3 lagi jari tuding kat diri sendiri.

Kadang-kadang dok kutuk orang buat salah, baik sgt ke diri? Kutuk pun dah kira salah sebab mengumpat. Kadang-kadang, dgr orang laki cakap nak cari perempuan yang solehah, tapi cukup baik ke dia? same goes to perempuan.

Kite selalu pandang keburukan orang lain dan memperkatakannya, tapi kite jarang cakap pasal keburukan diri, kite cuba untuk sorokkan keburukan kite dengan bercerita pasal keburukan orang lain. Kadang-kadang kite ingat kite betul, tapi hakikatnye kite salah."

A slap in the face perhaps? Lets take a mirror and take a look at ourselves shall we?

Excuses Are Like Trash: They're At the Side of The Street And They All Stink

The Moment A Girl And A Guy Meet, The Acting & Lying Begins

Go figure.

July 11, 2010

But because of this, I understood the importance of time.

Quoting someone else's words that have been said to me,

" Kau nie, macam2 sakit kau ada eh. dari dulu sampai skrg, bukan main byk lagi sakit kau. menyusahkan. "

If someone had said that to you, in what way do u think would u have responded?

It startled me eventho it wasnt the first time I've heard it from someone,

but later after that, then only I realised, It's me that is lucky for being sick.

You on the other hand, shouldnt have said that to me ..

If only u remembered that 'sickness' is what expiates our sins in our daily life.

If only u had known better, Im sure u wouldnt have said those hurtful words to me.

But, it's okay i guess ..

To me, what other people think or say about me doesnt really matter that much,

as long as I know the things that Im doing are right.

At the end of the day, I know that my family are the ones that will never leave me, and myfriends will still remain as friends. always there to support me ;)

my safest places :) <3

my only kakak & abang.

My closest, best cousins.

thru thick & thins :)

'a memorable day ; after watching 3D toy story at city stars, cairo'

My Beloved X-Housemates.

July 10, 2010

New departments have been chosen for summer attachment :)

1) General Surgery
2) General Medicine
3) Peadeatric Medicine

Cant wait :)

July 09, 2010

Turns out it's not just food that Ive been craving.

Where to find this is Zagazig ?

The one that's strictly for women only ? :(

July 08, 2010

An Honest Answer Can Get You Into A Lot Of Trouble Can it?

~In the name of Allah.

When you confess to somebody that you like her, and when that feeling is not responded the way u want them to, the best thing you should do is to back off (with no grudge in your heart). Sometimes, you hope for somebody too much but u get nothing in return, and yet u blame the girl. Who gives you d right to blame? Verily, hanya Allah lah yang membolak balikkan hati manusia nie. Sometimes I make sudden decisions that even I myself cant explain. But I assure that there's a reason for all of my doings. What has happened in the past, is the past, and that made me the way I am today. I shall not dwell. Just bare in your mind that life's a journey :) and bunga bukan sekuntum kumbang bukan seekor. Move on well :)

Things can very much turn out well when u least expect them to be ;)