July 08, 2010

An Honest Answer Can Get You Into A Lot Of Trouble Can it?

~In the name of Allah.

When you confess to somebody that you like her, and when that feeling is not responded the way u want them to, the best thing you should do is to back off (with no grudge in your heart). Sometimes, you hope for somebody too much but u get nothing in return, and yet u blame the girl. Who gives you d right to blame? Verily, hanya Allah lah yang membolak balikkan hati manusia nie. Sometimes I make sudden decisions that even I myself cant explain. But I assure that there's a reason for all of my doings. What has happened in the past, is the past, and that made me the way I am today. I shall not dwell. Just bare in your mind that life's a journey :) and bunga bukan sekuntum kumbang bukan seekor. Move on well :)

Things can very much turn out well when u least expect them to be ;)



  1. i agree with you!
    bunga bukan sekuntum. bunga byk species. and kalo tak leyh gak.terbang jela ngan kumbang2.

  2. hahaha. kena pandai pilih bunga k haikal.. kalo x, binasa badan dan jiwa nnt.. LOL

  3. thanks for your advice.seram plak bunyi.kalau tanam sdiri tak bley ke bunge tuh?haha