July 06, 2010

Would you be my Romeo?

Ecece. Jiwang x title entry saya? Hahaha.

Sha, Intan, Naemah, this is the entry that u guys have been waiting for kan? Trust me, it took me a lot longer than i thought it would for me to fill up this list! Here they are ...


1) Someone that cares about Islam. Doesnt necessarily have to be an ustaz or what so ever, just Someone that is willing to learn about d religion, so that nnt boleh bimbing saya jadi isteri solehah :)

2) Pandai bagi nasihat, dorongan & semangat. In his own, gentle way of course. wahah. komain.

3) Faham kerjaya saya sebagai seorang doctor. I might be busy but I love my job, so please dont let me waste my medical degree.

4) He does not need to have a professional course as his career. As long as he can tampung me financially, it's fine by me. Im not that choosy. but dare to say, Pilots are not on my list. Sorry :)

5) Im a cat lover, so he better be okay with it.

6) A non fickle minded person. ( google kalau x faham. ) Stick to one would u?

7) Someone Cool. Calm with his emotions. cewah. When a girl goes 'gelabah' it's still acceptable. but when a man does it, for me it's a big NO-no.

8) Can eat spicy food. My mum is from negeri 9 and trust me Ive been trained to eat cili api with kicap just like that. It would be nice to have somebody with d same interest :p , Haha.

9) Somebody that's Not panas baran. Its too much for me to handle and makes me scared also.

Alryte 5 more to go =P

10) Protective. over his parents, his wife, kids, family. Who wouldnt want this type of guy ryte?

11) Can Swim, bcs thats what I do during my spare time. & plus, Can eat Japanese food.

12) Saya nie actually vely d manja one jadi boleh x kalau nak orang yg pandai pujuk n xnak orang yang cepat meluat? HAHAHA. ( Penting sbnrnya nie xP )

13) Not somebody that lives in Kedah, Perlis, Sabah & Sarawak. Actually I dont really mind, but I live in KL so nearer is always more preferrable.

14) I dont like men that are too shy when they're in front of other people. Have some confidence in yrself dude. Oh & too much sarcasm also will very much annoy me.

15) On top of it all, Kesabaran. A man with patience is A true man. Without this do u think u'll be able to pull off the long years of marriage? Didnt think so C;

These are just random things that came out of my mind. I hope these honest answers will not get me into trouble!

hehe :P

P/S : Intan and Naemah, Sha ngan aku dah buat. korang bila lagi? cepat!

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