July 11, 2010

But because of this, I understood the importance of time.

Quoting someone else's words that have been said to me,

" Kau nie, macam2 sakit kau ada eh. dari dulu sampai skrg, bukan main byk lagi sakit kau. menyusahkan. "

If someone had said that to you, in what way do u think would u have responded?

It startled me eventho it wasnt the first time I've heard it from someone,

but later after that, then only I realised, It's me that is lucky for being sick.

You on the other hand, shouldnt have said that to me ..

If only u remembered that 'sickness' is what expiates our sins in our daily life.

If only u had known better, Im sure u wouldnt have said those hurtful words to me.

But, it's okay i guess ..

To me, what other people think or say about me doesnt really matter that much,

as long as I know the things that Im doing are right.

At the end of the day, I know that my family are the ones that will never leave me, and myfriends will still remain as friends. always there to support me ;)

my safest places :) <3

my only kakak & abang.

My closest, best cousins.

thru thick & thins :)

'a memorable day ; after watching 3D toy story at city stars, cairo'

My Beloved X-Housemates.

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