July 06, 2010

I wish you were a channel on d radio - So that i could turn u off.

~In the name of Allah.

I bet, many people out there under estimate d power of a migraine. Majority probably just thinks that it is just a standard headache. But for those who are dealing with it, people like me, the pain can be excrutiating and can lasts for hours upon end.

Especially when Im under d bright sunlight and when Im in crowded places, the pain turns into a beautiful dull roar. Sometimes for a second, my vision can turn blurry, & for a minute it makes me lose focus from my work & even d feeling of fainting appears. Wonder y d medicine I bring along with me all d time arent working. Well, the One up there watching must be testing me :]

Perhaps.. seeing a specialist in Malaysia would be d right thing to do?

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