March 08, 2010

Only Hope,

that I have left with me now. After weeks n weeks of worrying and seeing different doctors here in Egypt, I now am sure of what I've been suffering with all this time, and it is called '

'Tenosynovitis is the inflammation of the fluid-filled sheath called the synovium that surrounds a tendon. Symptoms of tenosynovitis include Difficulty of moving a joint, Joint swelling in the affected area, Pain and tenderness around a joint, especially the hand, wrist, foot, or ankle.'

what a relieve =')

thank you Allah, for making everything easier,
for always being there.
You give me an Amaazing Family,
You give me the Best of Friends,
You make my heart pleasant when I remember You, &
I shall lift my hands & pray for a full recovery in order to continue this journey of mine.

JazakAllahu khair. to those people who actually cared.

MAMA & PAPA, I cry everytime I remind myself of how much u hv done fr me, how much u've poured Love towrds me.
Ayong & Abang, For the endless support U both have given me.
& Especially to Intan, Aishah, and Athirah. You stepped in when the rest walked out. You proved me otherwise.

Not to forget good friends in Malaysia, Roommate, Housemates, & Rakan2 Seperjuangan, for your concerns & support.
Last but not least,
to a Brother that has never failed to be there when Im in need of Help. You are a gift sent to me.

May Allah repay all of u :')
As for me, I will never forget.

~sabar, ikhtiar, usaha, doa, tawakal ;)~

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